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How does Oil Profit work?

Published date: September 14, 2020


Oil Profit Advantage
The meeting would mark the beginning of the tip of Lea Frye’s career in Oil Profit Advantage and gas.
It had been February 2014. Frye, at the time a senior engineer with Anadarko Petroleum Corp., had the work of calculating how much Oil Profit Advantage was waiting to be extracted from fields Anadarko owned. She was known to be forthright about her analyses. “She tells the reality irrespective of the circumstances,” her manager said in an exceedingly later performance

Going into the conference with senior executives, Frye had received her own conclusion regarding Anandarko’s most ballyhooed find -- one that now has stockholders suing over what they call the corporate’s fraud. The field’s name: Shenandoah. Frye told Anadarko’s top brass that their excitement wasn’t justified, that Shenandoah, within the Gulf of Mexico, was “possible much smaller” than the corporate claimed.
Lea Frye

The reaction was swift. “You do not apprehend anything,” Vice President Ernest Leyendecker told her, in line with documents recently unsealed by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Shenandoah was “the most effective field ever,” he said -- as good as any discovery Anadarko had ever made.

Over the following two years, Frye said she was harassed, belittled, sidelined and eventually hounded out of Anadarko, in keeping with court documents. The investors’ grievance says the corporate continued to specific publicly, despite worrisome drilling results, that Shenandoah was a game-changer price as much as $four billion.

Frye left Anadarko in The subsequent year, the corporate wrote off Shenandoah’s entire value. The project had gone from a multibillion-greenback golden goose to worthless.
Golden Parachutes

In their lawsuit, investors are pointing to Frye’s expertise as proof that Anadarko executives kept repeating their rosy expectations long enough to take advantage of them. When Occidental Petroleum Corp. bought the company in August 2019 for $37 billion, Chief Govt Officer Al Walker received a $one hundred million golden parachute. Another $200 million visited members of Walker’s senior team. Investors say that, had Frye’s issues been made public earlier, they would have raised queries concerning Anadarko’s governance and potentially affected the executives’ ability to sell.

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“Defendants are sufficiently refined to own realized that any revelation of their theme would have probably made Anadarko unmarketable to potential acquirers or a minimum of cost them their jobs -- either of which would have price them over $a hundred million in golden parachute payments,” the investor group said in an amended grievance filed last month in the U.S. District Court.

Lawyers representing Anadarko, Walker and Leyendecker say the case ought to be dismissed because the investor group can’t prove that executives made comments regarding the Shenandoah project “with an intent to deceive, manipulate or defraud.” Their motion to dismiss the case, filed in June, before key documents in Frye’s earlier case were unsealed, was denied Aug. eighteen.

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