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Nutrients For Healthy Skin - Discover 4 Natural Healthy Ways to Eliminate and Prevent Aging Signs

Published date: September 16, 2020


About 25% of all consumers have adverse Vitiligo Miracle reactions to cosmetics, due mostly to the use of artificial preservatives, added fragrances or petrochemicals. You might think that you wouldn't find those ingredients in natural body care products, but unless you read the label carefully, you never know. Warning labels are a clear tip-off. I suggest that my readers avoid buying cosmetics that bear warning labels. Why take the risk?There are safe and all-natural solutions for every condition under the sun. Natural vitamin E, for example, helps prevent age spots, prevents free radical damage, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fades stretch marks. It is also an effective preservative for the other ingredients in the bottle. Why don't companies use that, instead of artificial preservatives? Artificial preservatives are cheaper.

If you are shopping for organic natural skin care products, you may find the following information helpful, or interesting, at the least. According to the FDA's consumer guidelines, they do not regulate many of the terms that cosmetic companies use for promotional purposes, "organic" is one of them.Vitamin B5 will be listed on the label as "D-Panthenol". Cosmetic companies are required to use the terminology from the "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients", which sometimes confuses customers, because the names sound like chemical additives. In order to help consumers, some companies also include the more common names, either on the label or at their website.

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