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MEP planning & installation by Construction companies

Published date: September 16, 2020


What is MEP in construction? What are the Benefits of MEP installation by Construction companies? How Syed Brothers Designers & Builders do it?
Syed Brothers Designers & Builders promote MEP installation by Construction companies because it is advantageous for a structure's sustainability.

Construction companies are the sources or organizations that make the existence of structures like buildings, roads, and bridges, etc. possible. Different features' installation by Construction companies is done between and after constructing a facility's gray structure. Syed Brothers Designers & Builders is master of installing the crucial features like MEP in a frame.
What is MEP?
MEP is an abbreviation of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing altogether. It is a type of engineering implemented by Construction companies during the construction and finishing of the buildings. Construction companies always look forward to increasing the sustainability of the structure of the building. MEP features are the heating and cooling systems, water and drainage systems, and electrical systems.
Where to install MEP?
Nothing denies the significance of MEP for the buildings. Therefore, an installation by Construction companies works for all types of buildings. A few are residential buildings, apartments, houses, offices, academic institutions, and commercial and industrial units.
MEP planning
Strategic planning for MEP is an essential part of starting the construction of the project. Experienced companies plan the whole MEP activity in the form of flow diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables. The planning follows in the same sequence, i.e., first Mechanical, following by Electrical and then Plumbing.
Efficient MEP planning by Syed Brothers Designers & Builders also includes taking account of the building's architectural design and functionality.
MEP installation by Construction companies
MEP installation by Construction companies takes place in three steps.
• Mechanical installation
In Mechanical installation, space heating, air conditioning, and mechanical ventilation are taken care of by fixing the chillers, boilers, air ducts, steam piping, and hydronic piping.
Syed Brothers Designers & Builders do this installation for maintaining the comfort level by moderating the temperature and humidity of the building and the rooms. Moreover, it manages the fresh air crossing through the facility.
• Electrical installation
In this installation, Electrical circuits, lighting systems, breakers, and wiring of the above mentioned mechanical systems is carried out. In addition to this, it includes circuit lengths and routes of passing all this wiring, security parameters for circuits, and the fixtures.

• Plumbing system installation
Plumbing system installation by Construction companies includes pipe fitting for freshwater and sanitary, sewerages, valves, water booster pumps, especially for taller units. And the reason for this is to save the structure from water and drainage damages.

Syed Brothers Designers & Builders also provide other services like architectural designing, finishing, and interiors for your MEP installed buildings' gray structures.

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