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Chaudhry Brutally Beaten

Published date: October 5, 2020


Talal Chaudhry brutally beaten by Ayesha Rajab brothers After an uncertain incident in Faisalabad, PML-N stalwart Talal Chaudhry is undergoing treatment at Lahore. The politician claims that Talal Chaudhry released with a broken arm.

MNA Ayesha Rajab Baloch
MNA Ayesha Rajab Baloch
The incident took place at 3 am on September 24, according to police.
In a video obtained by Geo News, People can see Chaudhry talking to police officers outside a residence, complaining of a broken arm.
“They snatched my phone and recorded a video from me.”
After checking Chaudhry for information, he said that Talal Chaudhry called for party work, without revealing his residence.

Talal Chaudhry brutally beaten
On one occasion in the video, Talal Chaudhry could hear telling police officers. That he could “take note of the contacts of all these ‘his’ women and call anyone he wanted [to confirm the facts].” ۔
“I’m standing here,” he says, “before his phone restored, the truth will come out.”

Talal Choudhry Beaten By Ayesha Rajab Brothers
Talal Choudhry Beaten By Ayesha Rajab Brothers
He then asks the police officers to take the matter to the senior superintendent of police, who can see calling one of the officers superior.

The Faisalabad City Police Officer (CPO) told Geo News that no party has yet tried to register the case.

Meanwhile, while talking to Geo News, the brother of the MNA lawmaker denied all reports of a quarrel with Chaudhry. We have a fraternal relationship with Talal. We condemn such violence.

Talal Chaudhry brutally beaten
Talal Choudhry Beaten by ayesha Rajab Brothers
Talal Choudhry Beaten by Ayesha Rajab Brothers
According to a Geo News correspondent, when police arrived at the residence, the female lawmaker’s friend and family member Chaudhry and party district president Mian Qasim were standing there.

Chaudhry was injured, and Talal Chaudhry said Ayesha Rajab brothers Beat him. On the contrary, the woman’s side remained that the PML-N leader tried to force her into her residence.

Talal Choudhry Beaten
Talal Choudhry Beaten
Both parties later paid after reaching an agreement.
When Geo News contacted Chaudhry’s brother, he said that unknown persons attacked the PML-N leader, and he injured due to which he has admitted to a hospital in Lahore.

According to the brother, Chaudhry will discuss the matter at the end of the day.

As soon as this incident spread, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s political communications aide Shahbaz Gul has exchanged religions. He said: It is regrettable that Talal Chaudhry harassed a fem

Talal Choudhry X-Ray
Talal Choudhry X-Ray
ale MNA.
“The government will take action and save him from this theft,” he said, urging the Faisalabad police to take immediate action. Also, she said security should be deployed by law at the female legislator’s residence, and the matter should be investigated by police as soon as possible.

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