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What is Avian Coccidiosis Disease?Read More

Published date: October 29, 2020


Avian Coccidiosis the livestock population as growth promoters and also the lack of good antibiotic stewardship when it comes to therapeutic doses of antibiotics in both small and large animals well for went through that time line and were affected by all of this and as you can see there aviation does have an effect on the so things that also to keep in mind that can spread disease through the through transportation now specifically with planes is that during travel passengers are increased risk for infection due to the high density of the layout in the seating so everybody's close together there's low humidity and hyperbaric oxygen and recirculation of oxygen I didn't include that there too that also increased the likelihood of transmitting infections between the passengers in the plane okay so the first one I want to talk about I think there's an important lesson to discuss with smallpox even though smallpox is not a zoonotic disease I want to make sure that that I made that clear but I it has a few educational trade routes

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