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Hiring Moving Professionals

Published date: December 17, 2020


Hiring Moving Professionals

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to hiring movers. A particular company might have been suitable for your friend when she was moving, but it might not be able to meet your requirements. That is why there are chances of hiring an unscrupulous mover whom you might not be able to distinguish from the reputable ones. Con artists often pose as movers, offer ridiculously low quotes, and thus lure customers into their trap. When they hand in the final bill, the amount is exorbitant and if you refuse to pay, they might take your stuff as hostage. Since they really don't care about the quality of their services, they might handle some of your items roughly, resulting in breakage or permanent damage.

However, there are some methods that make it easier for you to avoid phony moving companies:

Never pay upfront charges

A phony mover will always ask for a huge deposit in advance. This amount has nothing to do with the estimate and is just another way to empty your pockets. Reputable moving companies don't charge large deposits in advance and usually accept full payment upon delivery of your goods. People who are out to con customers have been known to charge additional deposits too, based on the excuse that the move is going to be more work than they first thought.

Ask for visual estimates

If the company wants to provide estimates only via phone, treat it as a red flag. As a layman, you can't be a moving estimator. Scammers will find a way to increase your bill and put the blame on you stating that you had much more items that you had initially said. For example, even if you are thorough, it is hard for a non-expert to know how many boxes it takes to hold all the books in your living room. A reputable mover will always send a representative to your home to assess the number of items and then quote a price.

Avoid unknown moving professionals

This is especially important if you are arranging your move through a broker. You might not know about the actual company until the last moment. Or you might be told one mover will be handling your move, then another shows up on moving day. Verifying the credibility of a mover is not an option but a vital necessity or you will end up losing a Packers and Movers Ahmedabad chunk of your hard-earned money. A mover needs to be licensed, bonded, and insured.

While searching for companies go online, don't forget to enter the name of the place so that you get specific results such as Dickson movers or moving services in Franklin.

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