Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Denial of Access
Kclas.com has the right to block any user from accessing the website or using it's service in general. Please be ware that is any issues with FRAUD email, policy violations or invalid traffic persist following an account's suspension period, we may permanently disable your account. Note that account suspensions will effective immediately without any notice

Inactive Accounts
Kclas has the right to remove inactive accounts under the duration that Kclas see adequate.

Removal of ad, Messages and Accounts
Kclas has the right to remove any ad, message or account with the justification that the website management sees adequate.

Kclas.com has the right to e-mail users with what Kclas.com t sees adequate with the option to unsubscribe from notification e-mails.

Modification of Term & Conditions
We have the right to modify term & conditions if needed and whenever adequate.

Limits of Responsibility
All communicated content on the website is the responsibility of their owners and Kclas is not responsible for its content or any damage that could result from this content or the use of any of the site's services.

Publish Ad
Ad containing elements of porn, gambling, illegal drugs, sexual services (including webcamming), adult or Erotic Products and Services, black magic, chemicals, escort service, marijuana and related associations with such elements are not allowed on Kclas.com. Any such classifieds/ad found on the website will be removal and barred.  All ads post are not guarantee sales.

All payment made non refundable.  All credits non-refundable or non-transferable.

Coupons cannot be exchange for cash. The validity period of coupons cannot be extended, you should use the coupon before expiration time.

Do Not
Please do not make money transfer / payment to the advertiser in advance. We are not responsibility for any kind of dealing risk. All have to be done at your own risk.

Discussion Forum
Straightly no advertisements post in discussion forum section. User account and posted ad(s) will be suspend without notice.

Value Plan Subscription(s) 
-  Any value that has been paid is not transferable or refundable.
-  Subscription(s) must be activated and post before the expired date, plan(s) will NOT carry forward / extended.
-  Subscription(s) which have passed the expired date will NOT be usable and returnable. 
-  Kclas reserves the right to modify / terminate / add services in whole or in part at any time without prior notice.
-  Kclas may at any time terminate your plan(s) subscribed or suspended your access / illegal posted to the service if you breach any of the terms & contained herein or otherwise without giving any reason whatsoever. 
- Please ensure that you find out all the terms & conditions of the subscription service before purchase.