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  • User Description: Dmitro Stary and Irina Soldatenko, two Russian physicists from Kiev's Institute of Quantum Physics have developed a dynamic new way to measure the expansion of the universe, and with it, discovered that time appears to be speeding up as well.Cooks Illustrated states that extra virgin olive oil is the only oil that can become bitter easily. It is because its content of poly-phenols (these are the cancer fighting compounds) is very high and they are coated with fatty acids. Under , prevent the poly-phenols from coming in contact with a wet environment. We know that oil and water don't mix.You should also choose a diet that offers a Scientific explanation as to why it will make you lose weight. You must also be satisfied with the explanation given and it must make sense to you.Our conscious mind says, "I am happy, wealthy and healthy, see I even wrote it one hundred times and cut out pictures about it!" And our subconscious mind says, "Oh, no, you're not, remember that time they told you that you are stupid and would never amount to anything?" And the subconscious dominate belief wins.Actually they did exist together in Hellenistic Greece which was home to one of greatest scientific minds such as Archimedes, Hippocrates and Pythagoras.Georgia is home to the Surrency light. Surrency is a very tiny town near Macon. This bright yellow ball of light has been seen near the railroad tracks since the early 1900's. Science may have found an explanation for it in a strange pool of liquid that has been found far underground under Surrency. But the liquid itself is a puzzle, as liquid is not supposed to be able to form nine miles underground, where seismic equipment seems to indicate this liquid lies!Ki within the body is like power in a rechargeable battery. Occasionally it needs to be replenished. The Ki of the universe is inexhaustible, yet the body needs fresh Ki to maintain its vitality. When you are exchanging the Ki within you with the Ki of the universe, you feel healthy and vigorous. By energizing the body with Ki it is revitalized naturally, enabling it to fight off illness and maintain good health. The true secret to replenishing Ki resides in our breathing.

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