Curry Fish Head

Curry Fish Head - Singapore

30. Oct 2023
Curry Fish Head

"Individuals with delicate nerves may feel discomfort when they see the protruding fish gills and the red curry sauce surrounding the bulging fish eye. However, for many people, it is a feast for the eyes — often enjoyed with rice, soaking in fragrant curry. 

Curry fish head is a unique dish in Singapore, epitomizing the cultural melting pot. It incorporates typical South Indian curry spices and is a favorite among the Chinese community. 

Each ethnic group has its own version of curry fish head, with slightly different ingredients. Some add tamarind juice for extra tanginess, while others use coconut milk to create a richer texture. 

The only common element is the plump red snapper fish swimming in the spicy sauce, accompanied by vegetables like okra and eggplant. 

Starting from the 'head'
Curry fish head originated in a small Indian restaurant in the 1940s. Fish head was not a traditional Indian ingredient, but to please the restaurant's Chinese customers, M.J. Gomez, the restaurant owner from Kerala, South India, ingeniously combined Indian curry with the beloved Chinese fish head. 

The result was a hit. Today, it appears on the menus of Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Peranakan restaurants, often served in a sizzling clay pot. Connoisseurs of good fish claim that the fish gills are the most delicious part, and eating the fish eye is a true delight."


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